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Jenga Kwako

“Your dream home is not just a vision; it’s a tangible reality with Jenga Kwako.

About This Product


In partnership with credible financiers, we’ve crafted the KMRC-backed affordable housing product, a dynamic initiative addressing the dual challenges of funding home ownership and ensuring top-notch construction services. As expert builders, we bring our wealth of experience and dedication to craftsmanship to the forefront.

With Jenga Kwako, you’re not just securing financing; you’re securing a seamless pathway to your dream home. Experience the perfect synergy of financial stability and construction expertise, redefining the landscape of affordable and high-quality home ownership. 

Product Overview

Loan term of up to 25 years

Fixed interest rate as low as 9.5% p.a on a reducing balance

Access a maximum of 10.5 Million & a minimum of 1 Million

Buy land and build on it all under this financing option

You will enjoy the full range of services that we offer from ground breaking till handing over

Sample plans

To get the approximate costs of the sample plans , multiply the floor area indicated by the rates below

Basic finishes - Ksh. 42,000 / sqm.

High-end finishes - Ksh. 52,000 / sqm.

Check out our sample Plans


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