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Jenga Stress-Free

This product is for those that wish to begin construction or complete a project that was started but for some reason paused, and have their finances already sorted out

we provide a complete (A-Z) solution on your construction project, either commercial or residential that is from inception to handing over at the end of the project. We assure professionalism, In-time and on-budget completion


About this Product

This is a break down of the procedure that we use to achieve your goal

We sit down and get to understand your needs

We develop the architectural drawing and Bill of quantities for you

We facilitate government approvals

Ground breaking and construction begins

Commissioning and handing over the complete project

Call for more information:

+254 722 333 324

The real estate sector in Kenya is facing a major challenge from an abundance of unprofessional, unskilled “Jua Kali” contractors, which has resulted in a rising number of collapsing buildings and significant financial losses for both investors and homeowners. This challenge stems from the perception that qualified contractors are too expensive and out of reach. However, our aim is to address this issue and provide a solution by bridging the gap.

How ?

Our partners in the industry provide quality materials at affordable prices hence the project remains within the budget constraints

We have an entire database of reliable qualified labor force that ensures in-time completion of projects of any complexity

We do not compromise on quality and our already complete and ongoing projects can attest to that

With our level of professionalism and efficiency which is backed up by the 25+ years of experience from our lead contractor, warrants no supervision whatsoever. You can trust us to get the job done

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